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We purchase computer equipment


CMM Brokers International Ltd purchase redundant computer equipment particularly Nortel Telecoms and Datacoms.  We have been doing this for some considerable time, since 1986. We buy a vast range of equipment and we would hate you to think that what you have is too old and horrible to merit our attention.  There is much equipment that is so old and horrible that we can only offer to take it at no cost, but we warrant that it will be disposed of in accordance with current legislation.  To find out whether what you have contains a gem or not, please contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

To give you an idea, the following is a list of the sort of material that we are seeking and will pay for:

Datacomms and Telecoms equipment.  In particular Cisco equipment - most varieties of 2600, 2800, 3600, 1760, 2950 & 3500, AS5300, WS-X4148FX-MT; Nortel Passport & 8600 series equipment, Contivity 2700; Extreme Networks 15000, 11000 & 13000 series; Marconi Cards, especially those commencing with 1HAT60.......

HP 9000, particularly L and N class, Tape Libraries and Tape drives, Surestore autoloaders, L2000 system units, Netservers. LPQ printers, Designjet Plotters and some LaserJets, in particular 4200, 4600, 2500, 5500, 3500, 3700 & 2300.

Digital/DEC Microvax 3100, VAX 6600 series, Alphastations/Alphaservers, Monitors - especially VT340, DecServer 7000R, Tape Drives & Disk Drives - especially TZ89N & T857, Tape Libraries, and LK401 & LK411 keyboards. Digital printers, especially LA600, LA210, LG01, LG06, LG09, LG12+ & LP29.

SunBlade 1000, SunFire V100, V210 & V880, Storedge 3500 and AS5200.

Compaq Alphaservers DS20E and ES40 equipment.  Storageworks equipment, Tape Drives and Libraries, especially TL890 series, DLT8000.

IBM RS6000, Tape Drives (7205-311) and Tape Libraries (L72). Printers - 6400 and 4247.

Data General LDM800 Printer.

Bull Compuprint 4056 and Signum 2078 printers. 604E system units.

In addition to HP, Digital, IBM and Data General Printers we also buy Brother, Oki, Lexmark, Tally, Genicom, Kyocera, Epson and Xerox laser and dot matrix printers, also A0 or greater inkjet plotters.


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